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Maid RPG Stuff

Bite-sized bits of game material for Maid: The Role-Playing Game.

Posts tagged Maid RPG

Jul 4 '11

Item: Unique Curry

It’s not clear how someone devised this strange form of curry, but if two people try to eat from a plate of it at the same time, they will switch minds and the remaining curry will be consumed in an explosion of yellow-brown powder.

Jul 3 '11

Item: Truth Serum

A syringe of a drug that relaxes a victim and makes it very difficult for them to conceal the truth. If you’ve been injected with truth serum, you have to make a Will check with a result of 12 or higher to tell a lie.

Tags: Item Maid RPG
Jul 2 '11

Item: Tanuki Leaf

If you eat this leaf you will sprout raccoon ears and a striped tail. With these, you can fly for short distances if you get a running start. You may also use “Tanuki Tail” as a Maid Weapon.

Jul 1 '11

Item: Heart Candy

If someone eats this little heart-shaped candy, a heart appears hovering above their forehead. If you manage to grab this heart, you will win their heart for real. In effect, this means you automatically seduce them.

Jun 30 '11

Item: Flak Gun

This large yellow gun fires a blast of red-hot shards of metal. Add +1 to the die roll for attacks made with it. If you successfully attack someone at point-blank range, they will be completely ripped apart, sending bloody chunks everywhere. But they will “respawn” and appear in a random location in the mansion after 2D6 minutes of real time.

Jun 29 '11

Item: Costume Closet (Facility)

This is a room inside the mansion that is full to the brim with different costumes. If you go in there and spend 1D6 Favor, you can change into a random costume. Roll on an appropriate costume table to see what you get, but re-roll if your character doesn’t meet its requirements.

Tags: Item Maid RPG
Jun 27 '11

Item: Boy/Girl Gun

This is a strange alien ray gun with male and female symbols on it. If you attack someone with it and succeed, instead of doing damage you’ll change them into the opposite gender. If the target is female, she gets “Actually a Guy” as a Special Quality, and if male, he gets “Actually a Woman,” at least until he or she is hit with the gun again.

Jun 26 '11

Item: Amazone Gift Certificate

This is a gift certificate for a major internet retailer that sells just about anything imaginable. Use this item to have one item of your choice delivered to the mansion after five minutes of real time.

Tags: Item Maid RPG
Jun 25 '11

Item: Alchemist Watch

This intricate and rather beautiful silver watch enhances the owner’s alchemical abilities. Actions that use magic get a +1 bonus to the die roll if you have it in your possession. It also keeps time.

Jun 15 '11

Item: Catgirl Gun

This rather cute-looking raygun temporarily turns targets into catgirl servants. If you successfully shoot a female NPC with it (i.e. do an attack with the gun that would cause Stress), they will become an Apprentice Maid with the “Nekomimi” Special Quality.